Worship and Arts Committee

The Worship & Arts Committee assists our pastors in planning our regular and special worship services. We meet every four to six weeks to discuss and make decisions, as well as select hymns for the upcoming period. The committee also looks after procuring supplies required for our Sunday gatherings and special festival celebrations.

“I enjoy being a part of this committee, as it allows me to help choose what we do as a body of Christ, thereby growing spiritually.” – Giselle Bischof, chair

“Being an integral part of the Worship & Arts team of members means a lot to me! I enjoy the creative planning of our liturgical services, the selection of hymns that reflect the season and the sermon, and everything we do – so that it is uplifting and meaningful to the whole congregation. We are the voice of change and keeper of traditions! I joined the group in 2010 and have grown spiritually as a result – by being involved in the fabric of our church; as Assistant Minister, the Altar Guild, taking Minutes, and so much more. I continue to enjoy being part of this vibrant group of members. We listen, we care!”
– Rosemarie Lantzsch