What Do We Believe?

Everything we believe and do here at Peace flows from our central belief that all people are fully loved and cared for by God. Nothing we do or say or think can separate us from the love of God. God’s grace is a wonderful gift that brings us faith, joy, and salvation. As Christians, we follow the teachings of Jesus and try to live out his commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves in our everyday lives.

As a community, we gather together to celebrate God’s love for all people, to support one another through life’s challenges, and to live out God’s kingdom on earth. We recognize that there is brokenness in each and every one of us, and that life can be tough at times. This is why it is so good for us to be together! We grow as Christians and deepen our faith when we can share our lives with one another.

At Peace, we provide a safe space for people to explore questions of faith and doubt. We encourage people to study the scriptures on their own and in groups and to be courageous in asking questions – even the difficult ones. Some of us have been at church for a long time, some of us are only getting started, yet we continue to learn from each other as we stay curious about matters of faith. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides us in all that we do, whether it be scripture study, community outreach projects, pastoral care, or just spending time with one another.