Peace Home Update

The housing need was great, so Deborah opened the Peace Home in June 2010. It is located in Mswiswi (a remote area that has many orphans). Since it is a rental property (as the Zion Home is) and there were many challenges, God provided a miracle. TOBFC was gifted some land to build their own Peace Home, Zion Home and classrooms. In 2012, PLC members and the OBC made a commitment to raise $15,000 over two years in order to build their new Peace Home. The goal was reached in 1 ½ years! This was in addition to our commitment to our girls.

After many problems and challenges, the construction of the new Peace Home started last year and is nearing its completion. The roof is up since January 31st, 2018 and Mama Edina and the 14 children in her charge are so excited to begin their new life in their new home very soon.



PLC is committed to continue our sponsorship of these two extraordinary girls. Mlombwa and Laudia trust us to continue making a positive difference in their lives! Since that time, our congregation has answered the opportunity and the challenge to support our girls with prayer and financial commitment. We are so blessed to have watched them grow into beautiful, talented and amazing young women and will continue to applaud each of their achievements.


Let us be open and responsive to the call of the Holy Spirit in our lives and answer their prayers.