Mutual Ministry

In September 2017, following the arrival of pastors Hilla and Ronnie, the process of forming and recruiting congregation members to the Mutual Ministry Committee began. The Committee members are Jens Ehlers (Chair), Fiona Haapalehto, Joel Sievers and Gloria Zorn and the Committee’s first meeting was in November 2017. To date, the Committee has met monthly focussing on:

  1. Providing regular and constructive feedback to the Pastors
  2. Acting as a confidential, safe sounding board for the Pastors
  3. Providing input into programming and ministry initiatives
  4. Reaching out to members through formal surveys and informal conversations to gauge the Congregation’s needs
  5. Support the health and well being of the Pastors
  6. Provide formal evaluation of the Pastors annually
  7. Oversee other church staff, including compensation matters

The Committee is conscious of its role and seeks not to provide input where other committees already have a mandate. Furthermore, in considering ministry initiatives, the Committee, in consultation with our Pastors, will make recommendations to the council for their consideration.

At the current time the Committee is focused on the strengths and opportunities within Peace Lutheran Church and where ministry initiatives may be warranted. This process is expected to include input from the congregation through a combination of survey and townhall meetings.

Many thanks to the Committee members for their contributions and commitment. We encourage you to support the Committee by talking to them about areas for improvement and those things you are happiest about at Peace Lutheran Church so we may shape or ministry for maximum impact.