Mlombwa Update

Mlombwa Yassin was born in the village of Mahango and came as a young child into Deborah’s care in 2006. She is now 19 years old and is on course to complete secondary school (Form 6) in May, 2018. She is in Pre-Med studying chemistry, biology, geography along with general studies and math. She is boarding at META in Mbeya so she can concentrate on her studies.

She is a very friendly, out-going and caring person. Mlombwa is very popular at home and the smaller children look up to her. She is regularly entrusted with teaching them a lesson or two in the classroom whenever she is home for the holidays. What the Olive Branch has provided her with is not lost on Mlombwa. She is very grateful for her family and wants to give back:

“I would like to help this organization because it helps other people, especially in the villages, in whatever way I can.”

Mlombwa is looking forward to her very bright future:

“My plan is to get a job. I want to go to university even though I’m not sure what I want to study – maybe medicine or bio-chemistry. I would like to study in Arusha or Dodoma, to see some of the country outside of Mbeya.”