Our Building

Peace Lutheran Church has established the following fees, as applicable to all members and non-member groups and individuals. All fees are due before the meeting date. Contact our office for more information or to inquire about reserving space.

Church Hall Full Day with Kitchen (10 hrs) $750.00
Church Hall with Kitchen (Hourly rate) $75.00
Church Hall (Hourly rate) $50.00
Church Kitchen (Hourly rate) $35.00
Refundable Cleaning Deposit $75.00
Refundable Key Deposit $50.00
Sanctuary ½ Day Rental (4 hours) $360.00
Sanctuary Full Day Rental (8 hours) $720.00
Sanctuary (hourly rate) $100.00
Hern Room (hourly rate) $40.00
Parking Space Rental (Monthly Rate)



Wedding: No set amount

Funeral: No set amount


Wedding: $250

Funeral: $200