What Is the Health Cabinet?

The health cabinet was formed by Henry Fischer and fosters a holistic understanding of health and healing at Peace. It integrates body mind and spirit to the church congregation. This is done by sponsoring, organizing and presenting things such as; study groups, social activities, hospital and retirement home ministries, prayer ministries, children’s activities, healing services and many more exciting things. With this the health cabinet attempts to follow the teachings of our lord Jesus and his honour and glory. Please pray for and about the Health Cabinet at PLC and feel free to contact Heddi Gregor, Glenn Rittenger or Elizabeth Johns if you feel called to join them.

The Parish Nurse and
her Health Cabinet

 The Parish Nurse, Heddi Gregor, is concerned about the spiritual as well as the physical state of the congregation and community members she meets. She is in ongoing communication with the pastors and supports their ministry through devotional home visits (with communion if requested). The Parish nurse also represents Peace Lutheran Church through outreach: devotions and services in community, seniors’ residences, and hospitals; additionally, she brings the community into the church through partnership with “The Youth Centre” by hosting cooking programs with young mums in the church kitchen.

The Parish Nurse heads a Health Cabinet to support her programs and plan events to spiritually nourish the church family as well as community. To this end, the Parish Nurse and the Health Cabinet establish small devotional groups (including an interactive online meeting kicking off in 2018), healing services, intercessor prayer networks, themed seniors’ luncheons, play groups (The Messy Monkeys), and health information sessions throughout the church year. It is the Health Cabinet that is concerned with implementation of emergency planning within the parish, in accordance with community guidelines