As part of the Canadian Mental Health
Association Durham’s hub of integrated
community services and supports, Community Connection Services is the first point of contact for individuals looking for help with physical and/or mental health struggles.

CMHA Durham’s services strive to meet clients’
immediate needs, provide support, in addition
to assessments for suitable service linkages
within our organization or in the community.
Services can be provided in their office or in
the community based on client need. Supports are nonjudgmental, empathetic and confidential.

Community Care Durham services

Are you lonely? Need help or a break? Call Candice (905) 837-0017 x227)

Listed below are some of the services being offered by Community Care Durham:

Luncheon Out Pickering (2nd Tuesday of the month), Call Candice (905) 837-0017 x227) or Luncheon Out Ajax (last Monday of the month). Call (905) 837-0017 x231. Cost $13.00 per person. Transportation if needed: $4.00

Meals On Wheels (Hot—$7.50 each or Frozen—$39 for 5 entrees with soup & dessert or 7 entrees/no soup/dessert). Call: (905) 837-0017 x231

Telephone Reassurance – free (call Candice— # above)

Grocery Shopping Drives in Ajax and Pickering (Monday to Friday. Cost: $10.00) Call: Donna Bruce to book: (905) 837-0017 x228

Friendly Visiting (free of charge—up to 2 hours long). Call Candice (# above)

In-Home Respite provides caregiver relief to families. To register, call: (905) 420-5010. Cost: $19.50/hr. (2.5 min.)

Adult Day Program (8 am—6 pm) in Pickering, and other locations. Cost: 29.50 per day. Call: (905) 420-5010

Community Foot Care Clinics. Cost: $20 initial visit and $15 thereafter. Register with Candice (# above).

Drive requests (evenings and weekends) and more!If you are interested in knowing more information, please speak with Glenn Rittinger, or call CCD directly: (905) 837-0017.